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What is your city's
Forest Footprint?
What is the Forest Footprint for Cities?

The Forest Footprint for Cities helps cities clearly understand and communicate the tropical deforestation they are responsible for and take forest-positive actions to promote tropical forest conservation, management, and restoration.

Forest Footprint Leading Cities

Check out our inspiring partners below to see how they have used the Forest Footprint and taken action!

Forest-friendly municipal procurement monitoring

Oslo, Norway

Partner Forest Food Truck + Pavilion

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Sustainable wood procurement policy development

Galway, Ireland

Bristol Festival of Nature to showcase forest-positive vendors

Bristol, United Kingdom

Ready to take action? 

Tropical deforestation is leading to a biodiversity crisis, shifting rain patterns, and socioeconomic breakdowns, all which can severely impact cities, even when these forests are far away. Now that cities worldwide are increasing their focus on climate emissions, the footprint of forest-risk commodities consumed by cities can be incorporated in climate planning and carbon accounting. Contact us to discuss how Forest Footprint for Cities could support your city's climate and forest-positive ambitions.

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