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Bristol Festival of Nature to showcase forest-positive vendors

Bristol, United Kingdom

Bristol, United Kingdom

Based on their Forest Footprint, the Bristol City Council updated their Bristol Eating Better Awards (BEBA) criteria in 2022 to incentivize local businesses participating in the program to move towards deforestation-free sourcing. Further connections to engaging local businesses and institutions on deforestation-free supply chains are anticipated, with the potential to integrate successful actions, case studies and goals in Bristol’s Good Food 2030 Plan. 

As a next step to help guide the socialization of the BEBA criteria and the Forest Footprint Tool, Bristolians can procure forest-positive commodities sourced directly from communities on the front lines of tropical forest conservation at Bristol’s Festival of Nature. This will demonstrate the link between Bristol’s local food movement, tropical forests, and the global food movement. Integrating support for tropical forest communities into Bristol’s food strategy can significantly help the City of Bristol achieve its climate objectives, directly contributing to Bristol’s One City Climate Strategy and One City Ecological Emergency Action goals for responsible consumption, resilient and low-carbon food supply chains, and reducing the city’s wider footprint. 

More information on Bristol’s footprint can be found here.

Bristol One City has also published a Guide to Sustainable Procurement as of June 2023, which can be found here.

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