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Partner Forests Coffee at the Climate Academy

Paris, France

Paris, France

In recognition of the vital role youth play in protecting our planet, Ville de Paris has established L'Académie du Climat. Building on the concept of youth culture and urban space we suggest a Conservation Coffee partnership to supply the academy’s currently “coffee-less cafe”. This innovative partnership would source coffee directly from a community managed forest while protecting vital biodiverse habitats, and connect with young leaders in these rural communities.

Coffee is a global commodity that is responsible for tremendous deforestation in primary tropical forests; however, there are thousands of global farmers and cooperatives already producing the world’s finest coffee that is “forest positive”. For example, Bird Friendly Coffee preserves habitat for key species in Latin America including migratory songbirds which are essential for pest control, pollination and as a food source for other wildlife. Bird Friendly Coffee also supports farmer livelihoods and reduces pressure for deforestation. 

Going beyond coffee, forest-positive food workshops could be held at the Paris’ Climate Academy to educate youth on how to prepare nutritious meals with ingredients that have a forest positive or forest-friendly impact. This could give insight to future city procurement monitoring activities.

More information on the Fôret des Arts can be found here.

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